My marriage is failing again

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I am facing again another challenge in my life, this time it’s my mistake and was the biggest regret of mine. This is my second marriage, since the first one doesn’t work. I did what I hated the most, being cheated on and betrayed many times. I never thought that this time will failed again, I was once the luckiest person in the world but now I lost it. It’s not easy to be cheated on; it’s one of the painful things everyone experienced. I feel so bad about what my ex-wife because. She made me look fool in front of the people that surround us. I feel so lost in that moment of my life, I was ashamed of myself. Even in my dreams I never thought my wife could do it. She is the first woman that I love the most; she makes my heart beats fast and very desperate in marrying her. I feel blessed to have a woman like her; she made my life happy every day. She is the reason that everything I want in life is finally happened. There is no one that could ever love me aside her, but that’s what I thought. it was wrong to think that all the time because no matter how much you love your spouse there comes a day that they will betray you. And if you are not ready on it, that might be destroy you. Good thing for me is that I found someone to heal the scars in my heart. I found someone who is better than my ex-wife. But sometimes what you think is perfect seems to be wrecked. After the annulment I can’t take the pain inside me, that is why I flew to South London to look for happiness and disturbed myself from too much thinking. And then I here’s this South London escort of who are very famous in town. Every day if my life at South London was drinking. I slept at day and drink at night. Even there I lost hope but it’s more convenient for me since the environment is new. One night I thought of booking a South London escort since I was very upset and sad. Her name is Jessica; I find her very pretty and have a great personality at the first day. I enjoyed South London escort company, its feels so comfortable being with her. Out of drunkenness, I told my life to her. She gives me so inspiring messages and wisdom in life. South London escort wake me up from the truth, that every One has moved on and I should never let myself stock from the past. I slowly learned from South London escort and get close to her.  We had a special connection to each other that I pursued her. We have a relationship, she remains loyal to me. She loved me with all herself. I decided to marry her, but just get too confident of her love that I made a terrible mistake. I slept with some woman in our office and the news was spread everywhere, I tried to apologize but she won’t take it. South London escort leave one great lesson to me, if you want your relationship to last never get tired loving your spouse.

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