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My mum has a French friend who has been married for a very long time. She says that French marriages last longer and that French women are better at keeping their marriages together. Is that true? I am not sure that it is true at all and I think that the French have a lot more affairs than English people do. Have I dated men I have dated at London escorts; I would say that French men play away from more often than other men. Do their wives know? I have a funny feeling that their wives do know and that they may not care. It is just a way of life in France and this is why we see so many French men at London escorts.

Is only the French who like to “offend” when they are away from home? I don’t exactly have a top ten list of the foreign men who really seem to book cheap escorts in London services more than others, but I do have a rough idea. Foreign visitors are still very common in London, and I guess most girls at London escorts have dated and enjoyed the company of a foreign businessmen or two. The French may be on top of the list, but I certainly don’t think that the Italians are far behind. One Italian businessmen told me that there are plenty of escorts in Italy, but there is something special about dating a hot girl from a London escorts services. He told me when you date in Italy, it is rather hard to come across blond bomb shells and this is of the reasons he likes to contact London escorts when he is in London. Does his wife know? From the typical flick of his shoulders, I guessed that she may know but did not really mind him playing away from home as long as he did while he was away from Italy. The number three spot on the list is reserved for American gentlemen. They seem to have a passion for playing away from home as well.

Lots of escorts date American gents, and they are a little bit different from other foreign men you may find dating women. First of all, they are extremely polite and not only that, they come from all walks of life. You still get your fair share of businessmen, but at the same time, you will come across a lot of pilots and visiting experts such as doctors and IT experts. American doctors seem to have a real passion for our companions. Men from the Far East and Near East rank number for on the list.

During the summer I date a lot of men from places like Dubai and the rest of the Arab Emirates. They often escape their home countries during the summer to escape the heat. Instead they end up in London and let us girls at London escorts keep them warm instead.

Then you have the Japanese gentlemen. They do like dating London escorts but I think that they get a bit confused at time. The dating experience they get with girls from a London escort service is certainly different from the one they get from girls in their home countries.

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